Coaching – What is it?

You have a job related problem or a difficult challenge at work and are looking for a support outside of your personal environment?

During the coaching process I will give you professional support and supervision for your problem or topic – adapted to your personal objective(s).

Besides a pure ‚consulting-free’ (systemic) coaching, we will also work out together concrete, pragmatic action plans – you can make use of my long experience in Human Resources management.

The ‚consulting-free’ coaching process – other than a consulting approach – is enabling you to discover so far unconscious thoughts, motivators and thinking patterns, which may provide completely new perspectives.

The latter will be measurable by the feedback you will get from the people around you – but after all by how you will perceive yourself internally.

The emerging ‚Wow effect’ can bring new feelings, ideas and new energy into your conscience as well as an unexpected push and desire for changing old structures – it is the basis to trigger changes.


Coaching cannot replace any psychological therapy or treatment – I will support you as far as my competence allows. For more special subjects I cooperate with excellent partners whom I am happy to recommend on request.

Before, during and after the coaching process, you can count with absolute confidentiality – any information will only be disclosed to third parties after your explicit and written confirmation.

I will respect your personal limits at every point of time – we only talk about what is good, appropriate and coherent for you.

You decide – about how much you can and want to change.


A little story …eagle or shell?

After God has created the world, he began to develop creatures. First he created the shell. The shell had a quite boring life. All day long it was filtering water. All day long, she did: „Clack open, Clack closed, Clack open, Clack closed…“  Then God created the eagle. He gave him freedom to fly above mountains, oceans and valleys with his wide wings. But he also gave to the eagle the responsibility for his cubs.  Then God created human. First he took him to the shell: „Clack open, Clack closed, Clack open, Clack closed…“ and then he took him to the eagle floating freely above the cliffs obliged to hunt bush for his cubs. The human had then to decide which life he would choose. And still today he did not decide yet.

Quelle: tara coaching