Coaching – What happens?

Each coaching process is unique, like every human being and his or her personality, subjects and environment. Still there is a simple basic structure helping to keep the objective focused.

  • First (mostly telephone) conversation to get to know each other and clarify the personal match between coach and client
  • Define a coaching objective
  • Analyse the current status and realize action plans
  • Make changes happen and integrate them in daily life
  • Success control


Time frame?

During the free of charge first 30 minutes call or conversation, we will clarify your subjects, goals, conditions and confidence questions. Often, this already brings more clarity about the next possible steps.

One coaching session generally takes 1,5 hours  – upon your needs, resources and the urgency of your subject, we will define together how often we will meet.

The definite number of coaching sessions depends on the positive changes you will experience and your judgement on the level of achievement of your objectives.

Empirically 3 to 5 sessions are enough to achieve an aspired transformation.

What happens during the coaching session?

Depending on the objective setting and subjects to treat, as well as on your personality, I work with different methods, e.g. specific questions, feedback, metaphors, images, visualisation, brainstorming, reflection or very pragmatically with methods coming from the classical project management and subject related recommendations.

Your To Do’s?

The more active you will implement the outcome of the coaching sessions into daily work, the more the new learning will get ‘anchored’ into your conscience.

You may observe, try out, gather feedback from family and friends and collect new ideas for the next coaching session.


The coaching sessions can take place in my coaching room, at a neutral place, also outdoor, by telephone or Skype.

Your responsibility? Talk to me!

During the whole coaching process, you will have the responsibility to give me feedback on what works for you and what not. This enormously will help you to optimize the outcome of the sessions for you.


The coaching process is “only” the boat – you will always remain the captain