Coaching on the way to your dream job

Human Resources Professionals in Germany spend 5 minutes in average to screen an application. (Source: ICR Recruiter Survey 2012) This means: You have to leave a very good impression in this time! I support you … with competent consulting about your personal application strategy in optimizing your application (“Application check”) in[…]

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Coaching for more fun and success at work

You want to … change your professional orientation, but do not know how and/ or into which direction? be more happy and more successful in your current job? be an authentic and convincing manager? be aware of your strenghts and use them for becoming more successful? better solve professional conflicts?[…]

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Coaching – What is it?

You have a job related problem or a difficult challenge at work and are looking for a support outside of your personal environment? During the coaching process I will give you professional support and supervision for your problem or topic – adapted to your personal objective(s). Besides a pure ‚consulting-free’[…]

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Coaching – What happens?

Each coaching process is unique, like every human being and his or her personality, subjects and environment. Still there is a simple basic structure helping to keep the objective focused. First (mostly telephone) conversation to get to know each other and clarify the personal match between coach and client Define[…]

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