… the discovery journey may start … 



What coaching means to me?

Personally I intensively got to know coaching many years ago – it made change my life significantly and sustainably into a positive direction.

I realised that I suddenly had much more options following this very special way of self-reflection and thereby gained clarity – most of them have made me      overall more happy and more successful in my professional but also my private life.

Especially problems or difficulties are often unlovely und sometimes hard to bear. But if you are perseveringly questioning, of what this new challenge actually consists and what you can learn here, a new door will open and coherences will become evident.

I am very happy being able today also to help other people to discover their own strengths and inner treasures which both are preconditions for happiness and success in private and professional life.

Everyone has the possibility and capability to be satisfied, balanced and in harmony with oneself and one’s environment.

Every single human being is striving for happiness, love and recognition – in all aspects of life. Coaching and the deep willingness to discover myself made me recognize that how much of the three I can realize in my life mostly depends on my responsibility.

You rarely can change other people or circumstances that enter your life – but you can change your view and your judgement about them, if you are ready to.

My inner attitude about things that ‘happen to me’ or to people I meet, defines how I see ‘my world’ and if that is rather positive or negative.

For me life is a constant learning and development process.

Sometimes I wish a fairy would pass by to fulfil my most desired wishes and who takes away all problems. But it seems we always narrowly missed each other – the fairy and me.

We cannot influence the wind direction, but we can correctly trim the sail and thereby follow the process of transformation and stream of your life – with easiness and curiosity about all that may cross our way.

Just joint the journey – it will be exciting!

Faithfully yours, Daniela Hofbauer